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A few hints and tips for the would-be WWOOFER...

This is by no means a "how to WWOOF" guide as such a thing would be impossible - so much depends on the individuals and circumstances - just a few basic and essentially commonsense tips to get you started.

    Always remember that you are staying in someone else's home - help with household chores and cooking is always appreciated and is often a very sociable part of the day.

    If you're not going solo, choose your WWOOFing companion/s with care! You should have a similar work ethic and discomfort tolerances - always make your relationship clear to your WWOOF hosts before you arrive. Never WWOOF with someone who isn't as enthusiastic about it as yourself as this can be unfair to you and your hosts.

    ASK before you arrive about anything that concerns you

- the hours/ physical requirements of the work

- accommodation and facilities

- dietary requirements: let hosts know if you are veggie/vegan and bear in mind that dairy products may be unpasteurised (but v. tasty!)

    Be prepared for several hours of tedious and often lonely work - the novelty value of weeding the tatties or bashing bracken soon wears off but take the opportunity to "switch off" and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

    If you think you'd like to WWOOF for a longer period at one farm think about suggesting an initial stay of one to two weeks with a possibility of extension. This gives both you and the hosts a get-out clause if necessary.

On the edge of the world...the view from the Sgurr

    Check out the WWOOFing week with each host as time off varies and it is important to make sure you get to explore and relax as well as working. Also...just because you've had a day off doesn't mean you can't do the washing up!

    Be flexible - farming is unpredictable and you'll often end up doing unexpected tasks...

    Ask questions, make suggestions (tactfully!), learn and enjoy!

home    four farms